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Choriamb: Poetry News and Reviews

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Choriamb is the equivalent of a “commonplace book” for poetry news, reviews, and ideas. It collects the latest musings on poetry--culled from authors and articles around the globe.

An almost-daily blog started in August 2004, Choriamb is meant to be a gift for poets and poetry-lovers.

Choriamb is maintained by one person--a poet and essayist with a library degree and full-time clerical job. There’s always more I’d like to do with the site but seldom enough time. I apologize in advance for not always responding to correspondence as quickly as I’d like. Thank you to everyone who has written in w/supportive comments over the last few years....These have helped give me the motivation to keep this project going.

-Tanya Angell Allen
Choriamb was co-founded by the excellent writer Becky Rodia, also known as bixxy.
A note about the name:

A Choriamb is a foot of meter made up of four syllables, in which the first and last are accented and the middle two are not. The most famous verse containing choriambic meter is:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet;
and so are you.